TextileThreads Informe sobre la marcha de los trabajos del 7 de abril

threads Apr 07, 2020


Today, we've got a big round of updates to share. We've been getting some great early feedback from Threads users and have learned a lot building Buckets and our own internal systems. Our recent work on go-threads has improved a lot of the usability, added some missing features, and moved toward better naming conventions. Meanwhile, we've pushed js-threads up to an eleven. We're excited to share all the details below.

Próximos pasos 🍿

  • Improve the default CRDT codec.
  • Implement the default ACL.
  • Provide examples for integration with identity solutions.

Informe de Sprint

Áreas de interés 📐

  • Release js-threads (stay tuned for official release post) !!!
  • Improved configuration of keys and IDs.
  • Re-enabled pubsub for direct sharing of online peers.
  • Renaming systems based on early user-feedback.
  • Clean-up several APIs for improved usability.

Discusión y cambios de planificación 🤔

  • We're focused on integrating a default JSON Document CRDT that can work in both Go and JS!
  • Threads are very app-centric to start, but enabling the creation of user-silo'd datasets is just a couple steps away. The major step being, Thread support for user-owned identity tools. We'll be working to show this in action soon.

Cerrado 💥



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